Currently, we offer professional solutions for these service groups:

I. Security Systems

Premises (buildings) protective systems:
Fire alarm system (design, installation and maintenance);
Security alarm system (design, installation and maintenance);
Access control systems (design, installation and maintenance);
Video surveillance systems (design, installation and maintenance);
Perimeter security systems (design, installation and maintenance);
Alarm (PA) systems. Design, installation and maintenance of 100 V warning about the fire and evacuation management system (EVAC) used in public buildings(commercial and leisure centers, sports clubs, office buildings and other objects, in which at the same time a lot of people are gathered). 

II. Buildings and premises engineering systems, lighting solutions, home cinema,

Building management systems (BMS, "Smart Hause") are modern building automation systems which enable not only to save energy but also to automate the records (management of various engineering systems through-wall panels from a variety of building sites, as well as with smart phones). We may offer sound and video server systems for complex configuration individual homes;
Solutions for premises lighting, architectural lightning of buildings, spaces, swimming pools, parks, etc. Concept development, design (lighting calculations, lighting design development, 3D modeling), technical consultancy, installation and maintenance;
Professional home cinema systems. We provide consulting services regarding acoustic and sound isolation issues installing home cinema in the private apartment, house or club, we propose materials analogues, submit a proposal for technological (video and audio) equipment (design, installation and maintenance).
III. Professional sound and lighting systems, stage equipment

Professional sound and lighting. We offer suggestions regarding professional and background sound and effective lightning systems for shops, restaurants, cafes, sports squares, arenas, sound installation of public buildings’ common spaces. Design, installation and maintenance;
Stage machinery and drapery systems. These are stage curtains and their track systems with the control units. Stage drapery can also be used as acoustic material in cinema halls, building spaces and other. Stage machinery is the decorations, lighting equipment lifting systems, lifting and portable podiums and others.

IV. Acoustics of buildings and premises, conference systems
Premises (buildings) sound insulation and acoustic calculations and recommendations. We carry out a specific room (building space) acoustic calculations (depending on the function of the premises and the client task), we present the requirements for the ventilation system, provide the necessary unit schemes, quantity and distribution of acoustic materials (in order to achieve the pursued task), the sound insulating material mounting;
Conference-debate systems. Cable and wireless conference, simultaneous translation, audio and video recording systems (design, installation and maintenance).